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Metropolitan Gravel is a for hire interstate carrier that services many industries and transports a wide variety of materials. In addition, we provide Truck, Trailer and Heavy Equipment Repairs and Service, Land Fill, Construction Site Sanitation, Road Side Assistance, Pick Up & Delivery and DOT Certification. We focus on delivering solutions that add value to our customers’ and partners’ bottom-lines.

We also create unique partnerships with other companies on projects that help reduce, reuse, or recycle materials. Through these partnerships we re-deploy waste and/or natural resources to better uses that are environmentally friendly.

Metropolitan Gravel is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Arnt Construction

Arnt Construction is a construction company based out of Hugo, MN. Metro has partnered with Arnt Construction to perform a variety of projects such as the flood berm at the King Plant in Stillwater, Minnesota. Both Arnt’s and Metro’s employees collaboratively work together to fulfill ...

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:: Quotes from Metro Employees

"I've worked for Metro Gravel for 22 years. Previous to that I've had various trucking jobs. Most of those employers your just a number. At Metro I feel as if I am part of their family. I have not worked any place better."

Robert G. Murphy
Metro Team Member since 1987

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